Day 13: Killer Migraine

So the last few days haven’t been too great. (I’ve been laxed on blogging and will have to back log some.)

Yesterday was my first shift back on days. The day started off well with a good weigh-in. My eating was also good. The migraine started around 5pm and just got worse.

I made it through though. A little after 7pm I got home and was able to take some Imitrex and by 9pm there was relief. It was short lived as I was up at 3am and not able to sleep again.

– Charge my Fitbit
– Get back into my HSA account (locked out due to password)
– Fill out new medical info
– Refill Imitrex
– Eat Well
– Drink More Water

Weigh In: 166

– Oatmeal
– GF Breakfast Bar


Day 12: First Day Shift of 2015

Good MORNING 4am!!

I still can’t sleep more than 6 hours at a shot.  It is sooo annoying.  The day has started out pretty good.  Someone brought a scale into work.  With all my clothes on I was 167.  That rocks from 172 lbs for the past two years.